ALT Riflescopes

ALT Riflescopes

Marcool ALT Series is  focus on SF , Side Focus rifle scope, mainly for Asian market. Normally can be used for 5.56 cal. Firearm.

3-9x,4.5-18x , 4-16x, 6-24x .... all are avilable. Almost are second focal plane reiticle.

Name NO. Magnification Obj. Lens Diameter Tube Diameter Length Weight
Marcool ALT 5.5-25x50 FFP SFIR MAR-185 SCOPE HY1637
MARCOOL ALT 1.2-6x24 FFP IRG Riflescope MAR-169 HY1513
HY1509-1 Marcool ALT 1.2-6x24 IR Mar-150 HY1509-1
HY1507 Marcool ALT 1-8x24 SFIR mar-154 HY1507
Marcool ALT 1.2-6x24 Mar-150 HY1509
Marcool ALT 1-5x24 IR Utral 27degree Scope mar-165 HY1504-1
MARCOOL ALT 3-9X40 Riflescope MAR-054 HY1403 3-9x 40mm 30mm 15.1in 14.9oz
MARCOOL ALT 1-5x24 Lockable Riflescope Mar HY1504 1-5X 24mm 30mm 9.8in 14.8oz
Marcool ALT 4-16x44 SF Scope MAR-054MAR-150MAR-145 HY1302 4-16X 44mm 30mm 12.4in 18.5oz
Marcool ALT 4-16x44 SF Scope Silver MAR-150 HY1302-5-7 4-16X 44mm 30mm 12.5in 19.7oz
MARCOOL ALT 6-24x50 SF Rifle Scope Mar-145 HY1303 6-24X 50mm 30mm 14.5in 19.2oz
MARCOOL ALT 4.5-18X44 SFL Riflescope MAR-150 HY1438-1-2-3 4.5-18X 50mm 30mm 12.5in 18.5oz
MARCOOL ALT 4.5-18X44 SFL Riflescope With Big Whee HY1438 4.5-18 (glass) 44mm 30mm 12.5in 21.1oz
Marcool ALT 4-16x44 SF FFP Scope MAR-156 HY1629 4-16X (FFP) 44mm 30mm 12.2in 21.7oz
Marcool ALT 6-24x50 SF FFP Scope MAR-156 HY1630 6-24X(FFP) 50mm 30mm 14.3in 22.4oz


ALT Riflescopes